Schedules and Prices

Confirmed Schedules

*** Shwe Keinnery River Cruise will operate from July to September with Schedule and will operate daily ( Mandalay - Bagan- Mandalay ) boat trip starting from October 2015 till March 2016. .

Mandalay to Bagan

Check in Departure Arrival (ETA)
~0 6 : 30 A.M  ~ 07 : 00 A.M  ~ 05 : 00 P.M

Bagan to Mandalay

Check in Departure Arrival (ETA)
~05 : 30 A.M  ~ 06 : 00 A.M  ~ 6 : 00 P.M


Routing Foreigner Chartered Rate
Mandalay - Bagan (One Way) US $ 40 USD 3850
Bagan - Mandalay (One Way) US $ 35 USD 3300
Remark : Request for Charter service only. Meals, soft drinks, beers, snacks & seasonal fruits are available at cruise's mini bar and those are own account of passengers.

Continental Breakfast will be served on board.

Trip Breakfast Time
Mandalay - Bagan 7:15 AM to 8:15 AM
Bagan - Mandalay 6:15 AM to 7:15 AM

February- 2015
Mandalay-Bagan Bagan-Mandalay Date
01-Feb-2015 02-Feb-2015 Sun, Mon
02-Feb-2015 03-Feb-2015 Mon, Tue
03-Feb-2015 04-Feb-2015 Tue, Wed
04-Feb-2015 05-Feb-2015 Wed, Thurs
05-Feb-2015 06-Feb-2015 Thurs, Fri
06-Feb-2015 07-Feb-2015 Fri, Sat
07-Feb-2015 08-Feb-2015 Sat, Sun
08-Feb-2015 09-Feb-2015 Sun, Mon
09-Feb-2015 10-Feb-2015 Mon, Tue
10-Feb-2015 11-Feb-2015 Tue, Wed
11-Feb-2015 12-Feb-2015 Wed, Thurs
12-Feb-2015 13-Feb-2015 Thurs, Fri
13-Feb-2015 14-Feb-2015 Fri, Sat
14-Feb-2015 15-Feb-2015 Sat, Sun
15-Feb-2015 16-Feb-2015 Sun, Mon
16-Feb-2015 17-Feb-2015 Mon, Tue
17-Feb-2015 18-Feb-2015 Tue, Wed
18-Feb-2015 19-Feb-2015 Wed, Thurs
19-Feb-2015 20-Feb-2015 Thurs, Fri
20-Feb-2015 21-Feb-2015 Fri, Sat
21-Feb-2015 22-Feb-2015 Sat, Sun
22-Feb-2015 23-Feb-2015 Sun, Mon
23-Feb-2015 24-Feb-2015 Mon, Tue
24-Feb-2015 25-Feb-2015 Tue, Wed
25-Feb-2015 26-Feb-2015 Wed, Thurs
26-Feb-2015 27-Feb-2015 Thurs, Fri
27-Feb-2015 28-Feb-2015 Fri, Sat
28-Feb-2015 01-Mar-2015 Sat, Sun

March- 2015

Mandalay-Bagan Bagan-Mandalay Date
01-Mar-2015 02-Mar-2015 Sun, Mon
02-Mar-2015 03-Mar-2015 Mon, Tue
03-Mar-2015 04-Mar-2015 Tue, Wed
04-Mar-2015 05-Mar-2015 Wed, Thurs
05-Mar-2015 06-Mar-2015 Thurs, Fri
06-Mar-2015 07-Mar-2015 Fri, Sat
07-Mar-2015 08-Mar-2015 Sat, Sun
08-Mar-2015 09-Mar-2015 Sun, Mon
09-Mar-2015 10-Mar-2015 Mon, Tue
10-Mar-2015 11-Mar-2015 Tue, Wed
11-Mar-2015 12-Mar-2015 Wed, Thurs
12-Mar-2015 13-Mar-2015 Thurs, Fri
13-Mar-2015 14-Mar-2015 Fri, Sat
14-Mar-2015 15-Mar-2015 Sat, Sun
15-Mar-2015 16-Mar-2015 Sun, Mon
16-Mar-2015 17-Mar-2015 Mon, Tue
17-Mar-2015 18-Mar-2015 Tue, Wed
18-Mar-2015 19-Mar-2015 Wed, Thurs
19-Mar-2015 20-Mar-2015 Thurs, Fri
20-Mar-2015 21-Mar-2015 Fri, Sat
21-Mar-2015 22-Mar-2015 Sat, Sun
22-Mar-2015 23-Mar-2015 Sun, Mon
23-Mar-2015 24-Mar-2015 Mon, Tue
24-Mar-2015 25-Mar-2015 Tue, Wed
25-Mar-2015 26-Mar-2015 Wed, Thurs
26-Mar-2015 27-Mar-2015 Thurs, Fri
27-Mar-2015 28-Mar-2015 Fri, Sat
28-Mar-2015 29-Mar-2015 Sat, Sun
29-Mar-2015 30-Mar-2015 Sun, Mon
30-Mar-2015 31-Mar-2015 Mon, Tue
31-Mar-2015 01-Apr-2015 Tue, Wed

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